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Faith-Based Treatment

Many types of treatment programs are available in North Dakota for those who battle addiction. Each one offers something unique to the people who choose it. Faith based treatment programs provide a religious aspect to those who either follow the same beliefs or have an interest. It can be the extra component that helps the person begin recovery.

How Faith Based Treatment Works

You can expect to see the same types of treatment in faith based programs as you would in other addiction centers. The goal of all of these programs is to help the person overcome addiction and lead a successful, productive life.

Faith based treatment can include either residential or outpatient programs. The center may feature several different kinds of therapy, or focus on only a few. North Dakota faith based treatment centers help with detoxification, therapy, relapse prevention, and provide behavioral therapy and medication just as you would find in other programs.

The difference in this type of program is that it adds a religious or spiritual component to treatment. The person may participate in religious studies or spend time in group prayer. They learn spiritual principles that they can apply to their addiction. While the person will receive drug education and information to avoid relapse, it will include a religious aspect.

Who Benefits from Faith Based Treatment?

These programs are designed specifically around the belief that God or another higher power exists, and that they can call on help for their addiction. They are taught that they are held accountable by God for the decisions they make, as well as themselves and those around them.

Addicts learn that they can ask God for help with their struggles. They are taught that by developing their own spirituality, they can overcome addiction. People in treatment work on growing their knowledge of God and putting religious principles into action in their own lives.

Faith based programs in North Dakota teach that people become addicts because they are lacking spiritually. They may feel guilty because they let everyone down, including God. Addicts use these programs to help them reconcile their spiritual beliefs with their behaviors, and reconnect with God and their families.

The belief of many of these programs is that the person will have a stronger resolve to overcome addiction because of their religious background. They will not feel as if they are fighting the battle on their own.

Faith Based 12-step Programs  

Many 12-step programs incorporate a religious aspect to their treatment. For instance, Alcoholics Anonymous believes in a higher power and stresses connecting with God as part of the treatment plan. While this and other programs do include God or spirituality in the treatment, they also have aspects that appeal to secular addicts. Some programs are designed more for those who are searching for spiritual beliefs and may not have the religious background.

While these programs do include references to God and other spiritual terms, they have also proven to be effective for those without strong religious ties. The success of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and other programs is undisputed. At the same time, it is not a program that fits everyone.

If you have a loved one battling addiction, you may want to talk to them about a faith based program. If they have a religious background, it can help them reconcile their personal belief system with their struggles. No matter the background or the addiction, help is available for anyone who is searching for it. For more information about the benefits of faith based treatment, dial an addiction specialist today.