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Alternative Treatment

A person with a substance addiction problem can find help at various centers in North Dakota. Each one will offer a unique combination of treatment options to help you or your loved one begin the process of recovery. While most treatment centers offer traditional therapy methods, many also include alternative treatment options.


What Alternative Treatment Means

Alternative forms of treatment in North Dakota drug addiction centers provide a different way to help the addict or to give the therapist new information about the person. They go beyond the traditional methods, such as individual counseling and group therapy that you often hear about.

Most therapists create a treatment plan when a person enters the program. As the person progresses through therapy, the therapist may need to add to or change the plan. New therapies may be used to help the addict move past a difficult point. It is common for a person to be doing well in therapy and then to become “stuck” or even move backwards. New therapies can be essential for the success of the overall program.

Types of Therapy

You will discover many different options for alternative therapy at the various North Dakota centers. This is why you must research the options available and the benefits of various therapies.

Music therapy is one alternative that is designed for people who have trouble expressing emotions. The person may be musically talented and use this time to write or play music. Others may simply enjoy listening to music and choose the songs based on how they are feeling. Therapists can use the information collected to learn what emotions the person is unable to express.

Art therapy is similar to music therapy. The person may use different mediums to express how they feel. They may paint, draw, take photos, or even sculpt. The result can provide information about what is going on inside them.

Some therapists use acupuncture to help a person in treatment reduce their cravings. The belief behind this therapy is that certain pressure points on the body control other physical, or even emotional, traits in the person. It is often used to aid in detoxing by reducing withdrawal symptoms.

Equine therapy is another alternative program used in drug addiction treatment. All work with horses is done on the ground, and therefore no experience is required. The person learns to care for the horse and develops a relationship with the animal. They develop trust as the animal also learns to trust the person. This step can help the addict begin to open up and learn how to relate to people. It also develops an awareness of responsibility because the horse depends on them.

Yoga is a beneficial treatment used in many alternative programs. The person learns how to do poses and meditate to help calm the body and mind. This therapy can be useful after treatment is completed whenever they are feeling overwhelmed or experiencing other negative emotions. The movements are also suitable physical exercise, which can help a person feel better mentally.

All of these programs will not work for everyone. Some addicts respond better to one program than another. Many times, a therapist may have to try more than one method to see results.

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment in a North Dakota facility, you may want to consider one that offers these types of alternative therapy. You may find that one therapy holds special appeal to you, and you can search for clinics that include it in their programs. With all of the resources available, you do not have to continue to battle drug or alcohol addiction. For more information about the benefits of alternative treatment, dial an addiction specialist today.